The Beginning of a Weird Adventure of a Lifetime.

5:55am – PT, bring your PT belt.

6:25am-7:30am – Breakfast, clean up after you cook.

7:30am-7:45am – Morning announcements, don’t forget the AmeriCorps pledge!

7:45am-12:00pm – Training: teamwork, leadership, reflection; hopefully you packed your lunch.

12:00pm-1:00pm – Eat that lunch, maybe eat alone in your room for a little alone time. Or eat outside because that California weather is priceless.

1:00pm-4:30pm – Training: safety certifications, uniform issued, practice 15 passenger van driving; at this point your team is either silly or sleepy, or so sleepy that they are silly.

4:30pm-6:30pm – Cook dinner, be attentive to dietary restrictions and the nutritional needs of your team.

6:30pm-7:45pm – Eat dinner, love your team through shared food. Do dishes, clean up, and get your uniform on with PT belt for duty.

7:45pm-11:00pm – Duty! You and your team get to clean an entire building including mopping, vacuuming, taking out trash, and outdoor safety night watch.

11:00pm-5:55am – Shower and Sleep!

Repeat for one month.

So how does it all come together to being the wackiest, most emotional, thought provoking, intense experience?

Story to be continued.

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