I want you to know about these people.

I am so incredibly blessed because I have met the best people in my life. My whole life.

In Americorps NCCC FEMA Corps, you belong to a team. At Pacific Region, Sacramento campus, teams are randomly chosen and that is your team for the entire 10 months. You do everything with your team, including team grocery shopping with your individual mandatory limit of $4.75 a day for food.

So now, I’d like to personally introduce you to my team, Jade 8.

Leah R. Aka Slimeball, Aka Snakes – my experience of her is fearless, compassionate, and wise. She is a great skateboarder, creative artist, open communicator, a reader, and music enthusiast. She thinks calculus is cool and she once watched a long youtube video on the science of mousetraps.

Briannah R. Aka Bri, Aka Thick Breeze – my experience of her is the most loving woman I have ever met in my life. She is a giver, a leader of unconditional love, hilarious, and absolutely adorable. She is a well-rounded artist, singing machine, graphic design enthusiast, Cuban expresso connoisseur, and she will stay up all night long with anyone, including herself.

Rhonda M. Aka Ronnie Blue, Aka Bayou 4 – my experience of her is knowing what to say before I even think to say it, social , justice warrior, and an overall warrior. She is a future social worker, has the very best laugh, and the best taste in old shows. She loves naps, dancing so hard, keeping it so real.

Sarafina B. Aka Sariboo, Aka Sarah – my experience of her is the funniest, no patience, the realest, and fearless. Her head fits perfectly in my neck, so if I don’t hug her once a day then it is a bad day. She is stronger than Hell, you can tell her anything you want. She is someone you can’t live without once you meet her. She loves lifting, getting up early, and getting her nails done.

Alexa F. Aka Team Leader, Aka Dad – my experience of her is best friend forever, a motivating go-getter, superhero advocate for all those around. Alexa will fight tooth and nail for you, she never backs down, no matter what. When her mind is set on something, it happens, and she loves you the whole time she is doing it. She loves leadership, healthy competition, deep talks, fun talks, reading, and living her best life.

Charles D. Aka Cha Cha, Aka Unpictured – my experience of the only man on our team is a heart of golden steel and the mind of a library. He will always look back to make sure you are not falling too far back and he will keep you on your toes with an occasional jab to the neck. He wants you to know he loves reading and he wants you to understand he doesn’t want to tell you what he is reading. He loves memes, Pub G, and epic video game music dubstep mixes.

And we are Jade 8. Who is your team and what is your experience of them?

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